Parananormal Activity

“It’s unique, why not?”

Such was UAlbany sophomore Ramen Kareme’s reasoning for showing up at tonight’s basketball game wearing a banana suit. He said he’s watched many games to which students showed up in costumes, and decided to debut his alter ego tonight. He was far from the only person in costume; the Mighty Thor, Spectacular Spider-man, a zebra, a giraffe, and a leprechaun were also present, but he was the lone banana. This is unusual, since bananas tend to hang out in bunches.

Kareme first appeared drifting among the bleachers, reminding this reporter of another famed cryptid.

He was given a basketball and attempted to make a few free throws; he later told this reporter that he had been promised free tuition for a semester if he could make a free throw, a free throw on layup, a three-point shot and a half-court shot in 30 seconds. Alas, he failed the challenge.

So will the yellow fruit grace future games with his potassium-rich presence?

“Today’s game was a great outcome, and I had a lot of fun. Maybe we might see the banana again,” Kareme told this reporter in an exclusive interview after Albany had won the game, leading the Seawolves by some fifteen points.

And that, dear readers, is quite an appeeling prospect.