Signs of the Times

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My mama doesn’t even want me walking alone after dark- she’d have a conniption if I walked into a Trump rally. So I stayed outside and interviewed protestors and a few supporters who came out after the rally had finished.

Interestingly enough, the majority of the protestors were carrying handmade signs, on posterboard or pieces of cardboard. Some had brought extra, and left them in a pile for anybody who wanted to take one. Most Trump signs I saw were professionally printed, bought from one of the vendors who lined the approach to the rally, calling “Get your Trump!” One of them told me after the event he’d sold about 300 buttons and 50 shirts.

When I asked to interview a protestor, they invariably asked what agency I was working for, and relaxed noticeably when I told them I was a student. One told me he was talking to every student he could. Some didn’t give their names, or didn’t want video or photos taken, and I respected their privacy.

On the way out, my phone nearly dead, I captured this video. It had sixty views within an hour, while the raw footage of brief interviews I uploaded got views in the single digits and comments calling the protestors lying bitches. C’est la vie.