HW 20 OCT 2016

What makes his writing so effective?

-Grann uses characterization effectively, giving physical descriptions of his subjects and their history when he first introduces them to make the reader feel like they know the person. He also uses powerful and descriptive vocabulary.

How does he meld narrative with his research?

-Grann sticks mostly to chronological order and narrative for the main body of the story, interspersed with well-researched flashbacks.

When does Grann state that Willingham is innocent?

-Grann never states that Willingham is innocent, but he provides Willingham’s own statement of innocence and the views of Gilbert, Webb, and Hurst.

Write a new lede for this story:

“I’m going home to see my kids,” Cameron Todd Willingham told his mother minutes before he was executed for the murder by arson of his three children. Willingham insisted until his death that he was innocent of all charges…


As far as the court case, I’m stuck. All the cases I observed on the 12th had their next court appearances before this assignment was given. Should I go back to the court and try to find another case? How do I do that when I work morning shifts at least three days out of five that the courts are open?


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